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Stickers made in Australia!

Here at Stickeroo we believe custom stickers rock the house.

Being a pharmacist for nearly 10 years, some may call me a specialist in my field, a glorified sticker labeller. What started as a small side hustle has now grown to a small team of 5, who I can proudly call my second family.

We understand all the pains for a small business where resources are tight because you're constantly juggling and budgeting your own time, money and energy. This is why our aim is and will always be to provide a positive experience with us and make your sticker ordering seamless.

From small to big businesses, we would love to stick with you. As businesses grow and events demand attention, there’s no better way to brand or promote your stuff than great looking stickers with your logo centre stage.

But we know getting hold of premium quality stickers and labels can be tricky.

It’s way too much hassle to make your own stickers, and no fun when you’re screaming hey there’s no print shop near me!

So, wherever you are in Australia, now you can lay your hands on all the stickers you need.

Jo, Stickeroo

Jo, Founder, Stickeroo.

Stickeroo label and stickers

We are a small team but have a huge passion for our stickers and hope you love your stickers as much as we do.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact us at or use our Contact Form here

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